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Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Certainly not the best game I've ever played, but it's Evil Dead! You gotta play it anyway, damnit! More pics, video clips, and a walkthrough are at VoodooGirl's Evil Dead Site. If you're just looking for the walkthrough, download it here.

Oldschool Horror Gaming

A trip down gaming-memory lane covering everything from Commodore 64, to the atari 2600, to the Super Nintendo; everyone from Jason to Freddy to Leatherface. more >>

Silent Hill

Made by Konami's Tokyo studio, Silent Hill adds another chapter to the genre of survival horror. While Resident Evil comparisons are inevitable, Silent Hill is very much a unique gaming experience. Visually, it's more like Tomb Raider than Resident Evil. These is a look button, and the camera angles are not fixed. There are less types of items, so you can forget about rummaging in boxes and worrying about what you can carry. Rather than scurrying about in well-lit mansions, police stations and laboratories, you make your way through hazy streets and pitch-black buildings... more >>
Download a walkthrough

Resident Evil Series

Too many of these to keep track of nowadays. The game that defined the survival horror genre, a can't-miss. Good gaming engine with a Dawn of the Dead feel overall. The zombies look cool, they're slow but not always easy to kill, and they creep up on you. Also some larger, faster, and harder-to-kill baddies thrown in the mix. more >>

House of the Dead series

If you haven't heard of House of the Dead, either you live under a rock or you've never been to an arcade. They're first-person shooters in the vein of Virtua Cop (or Duck Hunt, if you remember the NES), but they come complete with zombies and other monsters, blood, guts, and a really stupid storyline. Great fun! more >>

Clive Barker working on Video Game

Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me

Clive Barker has been working on a video game called Undying which uses the same game engine as Unreal Tournament. It was released February 21. Read the story here.
Order the game here.

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